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i know you have already answered this, but i dont want to go through your blog again. can you give me a list of all the lyrics that taylor has written on her arm for the speak now tour?

Speak Now Help Now: “You’ve got every right to a beautiful life.” - Selena Gomez, “Who Says”

Omaha, Night 1: “You gotta keep your head up but you can let your hair down.” - Andy Grammer, “Keep Your Head Up”

Omaha, Night 2: “I recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone.” - Alanis Morisette, “You Learn”

Des Moines: “Cinderella said to Snow White ‘How did love get so off course?’” - Faith Hill, “This Kiss”

Fort Lauderdale, Night 1: “And for one desperate moment there, he crept back in her memory.” - Tom Petty, “American Girl”

Fort Lauderdale, Night 2: “It took a while to understand the beauty of just letting go.” - The Dixie Chicks, “Let Him Fly”

Orlando: “I guess we’re all one phone call from our knees.” - Mat Kearney, “Closer to Love”

Columbus: “One life, you’ve got to do what you should.” - U2, “One”

Milwaukee: “I slept in castles and fell in love because I was taught to dream.” - Faith Hill, “Fireflies”

Detroit: “You better lose yourself in the music” - Eminem, “Lose Yourself”

CMA Fest: “Remember me in ribbons and curls. Love, your baby girl.” - Sugarland, “Baby Girl”

St Paul, Night 1: “Love has a thousand faces.” - Randy Montana, “1000 Faces”

St Paul, Night 2: “A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh, a kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs.” - The Temper Trap, “Sweet Disposition” 

Pittsburgh: “Where I was born, where I was raised. Where I keep all my yesterdays.” - Montgomery Gentry, “My Town” 

Buffalo: “I am just a dreamer, but you are just a dream.” - Neil Young, “Like A Hurricane”

Hartford: “‘Cause when I close my eyes I’m somewhere with you.” - Kenny Chesney, “Somewhere With You”

Foxboro, Night 1: “She said I think I’ll go to Boston.” - Augustana, “Boston”

Foxboro, Night 2: “Like love from a drunken sky, confetti falling down all night.” - Tim McGraw, “She’s My Kinda Rain” 

Greensboro: “And we are just breakable, breakable girls and boys.” - Ingrid Michaelson, “Breakable”

Knoxville: “You won’t be the songs that I could never write.” - NEEDTOBREATHE, “Again”

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